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This blog is where I post the artwork and creative works of people in the KH fandom.
From fanart to cosplay videos I'll try and share them all with you, because the Kingdom Hearts fandom is one of the best there is! Or actually, any fandom compared to Beliebers is better really.

A schedule of things I'll post on certain days can be found in the FAQ section of my blog.
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"...like is any of this for real or not?"

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this is the serious training she was talking about

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- #1 beautiful handsome men in org.13 part 1

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everyone get inside
there’s a thunderstorm

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the beginning.

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I used this image because I’ve seen it posted without a source SO many times.  (I’m looking at you Disney fandom)

Artwork - [x]

I’m gonna go ahead and signal boost the living fuck out of this.


ALSO, Chrome has this feature you can add as an extension. It lets you right click on an image and find the source without having to drag the picture on the desk top or without having to copy and paste the link- it just saves time. There is also SauceNao, which I believe is solely for Pixiv sources?

and hey guys there’s a petition to shut down WeHeartIt and it’s right here


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"Be my pillar of light when I enter the dark."

Thanks for the 50+ follows.

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