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This blog is where I post the artwork and creative works of people in the KH fandom.
From fanart to cosplay videos I'll try and share them all with you, because the Kingdom Hearts fandom is one of the best there is! Or actually, any fandom compared to Beliebers is better really.

A schedule of things I'll post on certain days can be found in the FAQ section of my blog.
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You make a good o t h e r

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the slap hurt but it was so worth it 

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Send me to characters and I’ll make a edit with the one I choose

Xion or Kairi

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you’re thirteen floors underground, dude, were you expecting full bars??

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I finally finished the thing!!!! Holy crap

It’s a Kairi KH3 redesign-partially because I feel like everyone *cough riku cough* shoud get outfits with their new titles, and partially because I feel like Kairi’s KH2 design simply would not function well in a fight.

But mostly because I always felt like her KH2 design tossed too many elements from her initial designs to the side.  She lost her colors and layering and most importantly she lost that really nice organic feel her first 2 designs had.  So I wanted to try and bring that back, and make her fighting ready.  I had initially planned on tossing pink as the main color, but the development has already been made-So I decided to try and work with it instead-to try and make something plausible I guess??? I don’t know if I succeeded haha

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Kingdom Hearts Accesories.

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